3 Reasons why you should choose Rajendranagar over Kokapet for your new home.

Kokapet, the most potential location today attracting home-buyers due to its strategic location and ample number of properties springing up despite the increase in prices and demand. Located on the outer ring road, it definitely does offer numerous residential opportunities from independent houses, villas, apartments and more. With excellent connectiving and investment prospects, Kokapet is indeed a location worth a buy.

Yet, here’s why we think Rajendranagar is a better choice than Kokapet for your new home.

Gachibowli RGIA Hitech City Financial District Pricing
Kokapet 13 mins - 7.2 kms 27 mins - 28.5 kms 19 mins - 13.0 kms 11 mins - 5.4 Kms 7500/- per sft
Rajendranagar 21 mins - 19.1 Kms 21 mins - 18.4 Kms 22 mins 17.9 Kms 22 mins - 17.7 Kms 5000/- per sft


  • Gachibowli IT Area - 20 Mins
  • Hi-Tech City IT Area - 30 Mins
  • Hyderabad CBD - 30 Mins
  • Inorbit Mall - 30 Mins
  • IKEA- 25 Mins
  • Sharat City Capital Mall- 30 Mins
  • Sreenidhi International School /Creekside/Meluha - 15 Mins
  • Oakridge International/Rockwell/Phoenix Greens - 20 Mins
  • Chirec International/Sancta Maria - 30 Mins

Kokapet is a good choice for sure, but which among the two are more of a value proposition for you? While the majority of the lot is running toward Kokapet with tons of communities, and people crowding, wouldn't you wanna live a rather peaceful life, away from the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic and much closer to nature?

Rajendranagar which is just about 10-15 mins of a difference in distance from your needs is growing in potential just as much as Kokapet and has also acquired a good amount of traction owing to its infrastructural developments. The properties in Rajendranagar are ample in number, and moreover are on the verge of completion and occupancy. Timberline by Lithium Homes amid the rustling greens and ragged hills of Rajendranagar is an abode you’d fall for every day for the rest of your life. Decked with all the comforts one wishes for, it is a once in a lifetime choice that you will never have to rethink about.

With per sqft price starting from 5000/- which is much lesser compared to that of Kokapet, Rajendranagar too is a hub of residential properties with promising neighbourhoods and full of commercial complexes, including supermarkets, schools, restaurants, fitness centers, banks, and more. Owing to its high quality living standards, the rate of appreciation for properties in Rajendranagar properties are comparatively higher than Kokapet, and is indeed the best choice of the year.

Buying or investing in a home is a huge and value driven decision to make, thus we urge you to make a wise choice. Would you rather compromise on the distance and end up paying much more than your budget? Or would you be wise enough to choose a living of peace, comfort, convenience and potential appreciation at a much lesser and affordable price?

Celebrate everyday while you experience the most sophisticated form of design, detailing and perfection in these luxury 3BHK apartments. Timberline @Rajendranagar by Lithium Homes is a masterpiece, a one of its kind structure with a refreshing combination of wood, concrete, metal, stone and glass. Live away from the city’s chaos and amidst a like minded neighbourhood full of promise and great opportunities.

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